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Welcome to Rajam Krishnamurthy Public School

RKPS is one of the Best Schools and Top Schools in Trichy. RKPS will offer the Best CBSE Pattern Education for your Children in Trichy,Tamil Nadu,India

 Our Mission

     "To build a world class educational institution providing holistic education and ensuring all round personality development of the students to enable them to thrive as global citizens in this multicultural, pluralistic society besides embracing the richness and diversity of our culture."

 Our Vision

     "To be an epitome of holistic education, not restricted just to academics, but which encompasses different levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development, and that which is accessible to all strata of society."


As the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin goes,

“Tell me and I forget

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn”

We, at RKPS, follow the practical way of learning by involving the children through our learner-oriented interactive curriculum which aims at bringing in “Development Appropriateness”. RKPS is thus dedicated to take in a child and send out a scholar.

RKPS is synonymous with academic excellence and the development of personality. It imparts immeasurable values to the students who are on its rolls. The curriculum followed at all levels is flexible and will enable new trends in education to rejuvenate the existing system.

  • The school strives to provide world class education.
  • Integrates technology through aids such as smart interactive classrooms, laboratories, etc., to make learning fun and interesting.
  • Inculcates moral, cultural and patriotic values among the students.
  • Offers Sanskrit to students as a fourth language.
  • Follows the co-educational system and encourages a host of co-curricular activities.
  • Follows teaching methodologies that support auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning for students.

RKPS - Unique features


The school has a state-of-the-art infrastructure with spacious classrooms with all required amenities. Most of the classrooms are equipped with smart boards and digital software of Tata Edge Classroom. The campus is a sprawling one of 21326 SQ MTR. The school has its own in-built laboratories-Science, Computer, Math & Langauge Labs- for experiential learning.


With the onset of the pandemic, the school has been offering blended learning for the students of KG-X. The teachers at RKPS use online technology to not only supplement, but transform and improve the learning process. The process involves the use of technology and teaching to create dynamic material for students of varying learning styles. The culminated power of technology to transform teaching and learning is visibly utilised at RKPS to make learning interesting, engaging and fun.


The school provides FOUNDATION TRAINING for classes 6-9 students to prepare them for IIT JEE / NEET foundation concepts. This is a starting point (building block) for the students in the selected classes to have an early beginning. The foundation training is aimed to help the students become mentally and strategically strong when they start studying IIT JEE / NEET concepts and topics, ideally from class 11 onwards. This training will provide added benefits to learn, strengthen and practice the basic concepts in advance so as to give students an advantage in class 11 and 12.


OLYMPIAD TRAINING is offered to interested students from class 1 to 9. Our little stars have already made a mark for our school in Olympiad Exams by winning 15 gold medals, 25 silver medals and 12 bronze medals recently. Olympiads, also known as Olympiad exams, are a collection of competitive exams held for students through Classes 1 to 12. Olympiads are conducted on a national as well as international level and encourage students from a similar academic genre or level to participate. Olympiads, be it on a national or international level, are deemed as one of the toughest exams to crack. The prestigious exams pave paths for school students to form a competitive mind-set and also allow them to assess their knowledge and understanding of the particular subject matter among their peers. Olympiad award holders often are offered a competitive edge in terms of applying to higher courses of study. Besides the academic assessment and advantages, it also offers lucrative awards and scholarships adding an even more interesting spin to the competition.


The school offers a rich variety of EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES for the holistic development of students. Activities ranging from vocal music and dance to martial arts and archery, from chess and yoga to football and cricket are offered for students to choose from, all within the school hours so that students can conveniently involve in an activity or two of their preference.


RKPS is one of the few schools in Trichy that offers GERMAN LANGAUGE. This is done in collaboration with Goethe Institute for the students of class VI-X on choice basis. Students who choose to study German language will get a lot of opportunities and exposure to the language and the country. This certificate course will be an added advantage to those who want to pursue higher studies in Germany.


Students at RKPS are introduced to the basics of Robotics as a launching pad for them to explore different learning pathways in science, engineering, math, and technology. Robotics lets students to develop an interest in coding and 3D printing, whereby they can build their own robotics learning pathways, offering an open platform to experiment and learn. Teaching robotics in schools facilitates students to learn how different subjects work in integration. Robotics at RKPS is aimed at

✔  Introducing Students To The Basics Of Programming

✔  Enhancing Creativity in Students

✔  Preparing Students For The Future

✔  Facilitating the Innovative Spirit in Children

✔  Promoting Inclusivity Among Young Learners


The school has proudly produced high achievers in the field of sports at the state level as well as national level. MASTER APRAMEYA, of Grade 7, won two Bronze Medals in individual performance and “FIGHT (SPARRING)” events at the National Level Silambam Competition organised by the Silambam World Federation on 12/12/2021.

MASTER GOKULAVASAN, of Grade 5, won the Gold Medal in ROLLER SKATING at the 1st State Level Aeroskatoball Match, organised by the AEROSKATOBALL FEDERATION OF TAMIL NADU, held at Theni on 12/12/2021. He is selected to participate in the State Level Competition.


We believe in involving the parents of our students in the school activities. RKPS believes that communication and interaction between parents and teachers is crucial. It gives teachers and parents an opportunity to connect and bond for the benefit of the children. With this in mind, timely PTMs are held to share the learning progress and development of the children with their parents. Parents are also invited as guests and judges at the school events and functions to increase their involvement and collaboration with the school.


The school has well trained teachers to handle the studies effectively. The teachers are continuously trained through workshops and webinars by experts in the field of education.


The school organises educational field trips to widen the outlook of students in various aspects. These trips are aimed at connecting the classroom learning to real life situations and environments. One such recent trip was a trip to the OFT’s Public Defence Exhibition at Junior Staff Club, OFT Estate. The trip introduced the students to vintage as well as modern weapons manufactured by the company.

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  • Our Classes

    best school in Trichy

    PRE KG

    best school in Trichy

    LKG & UKG

    best school in Trichy

    I to IX

    best school in Trichy


    Our Timings

    PRE KG, L.K.G 09.00 A.M TO 12.30 P.M (All Saturdays - Holiday)
    UKG 09.00 A.M TO 03.00 P.M (All Saturdays - Holiday)
    I TO V 09.00 A.M TO 03.40 P.M (Second and Fourth Saturdays - Holiday)
    VI TO X 09.00 A.M TO 03.40 P.M (Fourth Saturday - Holiday)
    TEACHING STAFF 09.00 A.M TO 05.00 P.M (Fourth Saturday - Holiday)
    (All Staff must be there in School at 08.45 a.m.)