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best school in Trichy

Our Secretary

Welcome to Rajam Krishnamurthy Public School

RKPS is one of the Best Schools and Top Schools in Trichy. RKPS will offer the Best CBSE Pattern Education for your Children in Trichy,Tamil Nadu,India

 Our Mission

     "To build a world class educational institution providing holistic education and ensuring all round personality development of the students to enable them to thrive as global citizens in this multicultural, pluralistic society besides embracing the richness and diversity of our culture."

 Our Vision

     "To be an epitome of holistic education, not restricted just to academics, but which encompasses different levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development, and that which is accessible to all strata of society."

Our Advisor

best school in Trichy

ADVISOR’S MESSAGE “The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” – Robert M. Hutchins

Schools are an integral part of our youth. Children are the future citizens, and their growth is significant for the betterment of society. As we all know, the school has multiple roles in a child’s life.

RKPS is not just an institution that imparts education but plays a variety of other roles. It provides a well-structured environment that develops self-discipline among students.

Children spend a lot of time at school and the role of RKPS is to encourage students discover things for themselves rather than having them handed to them. This helps students develop essential skills that are useful later in life.

RKPS plays a vital role in personal development of students too. Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities to help them build confidence, develop leadership qualities and enhances the spirit of teamwork with peers.

RKPS works towards building responsible citizens who will take an active role in contributing to the society in a meaningful way. Here they learn civic virtues such as trustworthiness, fairness, kindness, and cooperation which help them become productive members of society.

The role of the school is vital in a child’s life, and its importance is increasing more and more with each day that passes. RKPS ensures a child’s overall development making sure that they are ready for the real world through a variety of learning experiences that will benefit them for the rest of their lives, at all stages.



Our Classes

best school in Trichy


best school in Trichy


best school in Trichy

I to IX

best school in Trichy


Our Timings

PRE KG, L.K.G 09.00 A.M TO 12.30 P.M (All Saturdays - Holiday)
UKG 09.00 A.M TO 03.00 P.M (All Saturdays - Holiday)
I TO V 09.00 A.M TO 03.40 P.M (Second and Fourth Saturdays - Holiday)
VI TO X 09.00 A.M TO 03.40 P.M (Fourth Saturday - Holiday)
TEACHING STAFF 09.00 A.M TO 05.00 P.M (Fourth Saturday - Holiday)
(All Staff must be there in School at 08.45 a.m.)