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Our Motto

Welcome to Rajam Krishnamurthy Public School

 Our Mission

     "To build a world class educational institution providing holistic education and ensuring all round personality development of the students to enable them to thrive as global citizens in this multicultural, pluralistic society besides embracing the richness and diversity of our culture."

 Our Vision

     "To be an epitome of holistic education, not restricted just to academics, but which encompasses different levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development, and that which is accessible to all strata of society."

Our Motto

AMRUTHAM TU VIDYA (Knowledge is Eternal)

Knowledge is the only weapon which destroys ignorance. It is knowledge that takes one to the highest wisdom. It is also the worthiest asset for any human being. Hence, knowledge is known as sacred.


In the ancient Indian system of education, knowledge was imparted through interaction with the learned teacher, who mostly acquired it through intuition and by being one with nature. Thus, knowledge that was passed on to the student was not ordinary; it was eternal knowledge, which fulfilled all the requirements for a successful life.

It is possible to impart eternal knowledge in a present-day school by incorporating the four main components of eternal knowledge, namely:


The system of education should PREPARE the student with necessary fundamentals to receive the knowledge.

It must INSPIRE not only the student, but also the teacher, to effectively involve themselves towards the accomplishment of the aforesaid goals.

The student must be guided, supported and counselled at every stage, to become a LEADER.

The system should make the student REALISE his/her true potential by channelizing his/her inner urges to become an integrated personality at an early stage.

Thus, a child educated in the above manner would be armed with knowledge, both practically and intuitively, which would make his/her life's journey fulfilling. RKPS, TIRUCHIRAPPALLI, is an edifice built on these four pillars of ancient wisdom.

Our Classes

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best school in Trichy


best school in Trichy

I to IX

best school in Trichy


Our Timings

PRE KG, L.K.G 09.00 A.M TO 12.30 P.M (All Saturdays - Holiday)
UKG 09.00 A.M TO 03.00 P.M (All Saturdays - Holiday)
I TO V 09.00 A.M TO 03.40 P.M (Second and Fourth Saturdays - Holiday)
VI TO X 09.00 A.M TO 03.40 P.M (Fourth Saturday - Holiday)
TEACHING STAFF 09.00 A.M TO 05.00 P.M (Fourth Saturday - Holiday)
(All Staff must be there in School at 08.45 a.m.)